RodFree lever

for Springfree™ trampolines

Rod installation and removal made easy (and less painful!)

RodFree lever

Reduced effort. Control trampoline rods with ease.

Can you find the strength to bend your Springfree trampoline rods into place by hand?

How many in a day? A dozen? All 32 to 80 rods depending on your model?

The RodFree lever literally takes the tension out of moving the rods in and out of their cups by dramatically reducing the effort required of your hands and arms.

Don't pretend to be Hercules, let the RodFree lever do the hard work for you.

RodFree lever

RodFree lever

Finish on time. Have your trampoline up fast.

Once you announce you're putting the trampoline up, the kids can't wait for days. You need to get the job done now.

Using the RodFree lever means your arms aren't killing you and you'll have the trampoline up fast.

As often as you like. Extend your dollars and the life of your trampoline.

Like to store your trampoline away between seasons?

If it's too hard to do yourself you can pay someone else to come out each time.

Or with your RodFree lever, just do it yourself. Easily. As many times as you like.

Save money, free up backyard space and spare your trampoline from harsh weather damage.